At Bergen King Crab we deliver king crab (live or frozen), snow crab / opilio (frozen) and other seafood,  as per client requirements.

Our aim is to offer the best the arctic sea has to offer, every day of the year with service and quality as our priorities.

We offer seafood from approved fisheries in Norway, from where the seafood is transported directly by air or ship to customers world wide.



The king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) originates from the northern Pacific ocean, from Japan to Kamchatka.

The species was first introduced the Barents sea in the 1960s, and since then first found in Norway in 1977. We sell king crab fished in the clear arctic waters off the coast of Finnmark, where the live catch is expertly handled with care, and immediately prepared for prompt shipment by air.  


Live Langoustines caught in pots.
Available in sizes 2-5, 5-8, 8-14 and 14-20


Our live Lobsters are caught in pots.

Available from early October.


The snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) has its traditional natural habitat along the Pacific ocean, from Japan to the Bering Strait, and in the Atlantic ocean, from Cape Cod to western Greenland

We sell finest quality snow crab /opilio catched north of Svalbard in the Barents sea, where the species was first registered in 1996. After the catch has been brought on board, they are either frozen raw or immediately portioned, cooked and then promptly deep frozen. 


The Arctic Scallops where the live catch is expertly handled with care, and immediately prepared for prompt shipment by air.  Our Arctic Scallop are handpicked at 10 - 16 meters depth north of the Polar Circle. We offer size Super 80 and Gigante. 


We deliver fresh live King snails from north of the Polar Circle.

Size 70 - 90 mm.


Turbot is a delicious and healthy fish that is enjoyed by consumers worldwide. Low in calories and easy to digest, turbot appeals to consumers who care about the quality of the foods they eat and follow a balanced healthy diet.

Highly regarded for the delicate flavor of its bright white flesh, turbot contains important nutrients, including vitamin B, calcium, fluoride, magnesium, iodine, and Omega-3 fatty acids.


Also known as anglerfish. This ugly fish has a huge head accounting for half its weight. Nevertheless, the monkfish has inner beauty - once skinned, trimmed and the membrane removed, the tails yield fantastic meat, with a firm, meaty texture and a similar taste to langoustine.
High in: Protein; Vitamin B12; Phosphorus; Selenium



Frozen filet w/skin and HOG fresh 1 - 7 kg.

Whole halibut harvested locally from water with a temperature of 9 °C.
All handling of the fish is done by hand and with care.

Ideal conditions, minimal stress, and gentle handling throughout the production and during harvest at the farm, is crucial to attain superior quality. After harvest, the whole halibut is immediately cooled in ice slurry and transported to a modern packing station, where it is gutted and packed in boxes, with plenty of ice, and shipped directly to the customers. During cold storage of whole halibut, the flesh matures in a way that enhances the flavor and taste. Leave the skin intact until just before cooking. A whole halibut is best enjoyed after 4-5 days until 17 days after harvest.

ARCTIC CHAR, 300 - 2000 gr.

Our Norwegian Arctic Char has the best qualities and it is called the "mountain tuna" due to texture. The fish farm is on land, located in the mountains using fresh mountain water in a closed loop.

We can offer both fresh fillets and whole (HOG).

A Delicious Alternative to Wild Salmon. Arctic Char has a distinct light, sweet flavor and firm pink flesh that is similar to salmon, though milder. We have many satisfied customers, well-known Norwegian fishmongers, cruise lines, Michelin restaurants, hotels, etc.

Some statements from customers: "The fish is more like tuna than salmon in consistency," "the fish is more like wild salmon, or wild fish than a farmed product." We dedicate it to the tribe; it is incredibly good and robust.

We also have no lice, vaccination or micro plastic problems.

It is nutrient-rich and an excellent source of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.

SIRDAL TROUT (Brown Trout),
Whole and Filet

Produced in cold and pure mountain water from the Sirdal region.
Our trout is the Norwegian brown trout, Salmo trutta, the original trout in our waters since the ice age.
Cold mountain water creates a slower growing fish, a firm and consistent muscle and a unique quality. Short traveled food produced in Norway.


Restaurants and Hotels

We regularly deliver live, fresh and frozen seafood.

International Export Clients

For our international customers, we deliver both live crabs, frozen crab clusters (three legs, one claw) and other seafood product.


Our prices vary slightly, depending on the season, supply, and the size of the order. Please do send us a request, and we will return an offer to you as soon as possible.


Please leave a request, or reach us directly via phone or email, and we'll speak soon.

We wish all our customers welcome to a pleasant and exciting experience of our Arctic products!

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