From the order is placed until the delivery is made


Our aim is to offer the best the sea has to offer, any time of the year, with service and quality our bench marks! Our king- and snow crabs come from approved fisheries in Finnmark, and the crab are promptly air-freighted to Bergen or directly to customers abroad.

Here you can see the entire process, from capture until these fantastic products are ready to be served.


  • The crabs are brought to the processing facility by the fishers and quality-checked.
  • Feedback is given back to the fisher after the crabs have been sorted.


  • At the facility, the crabs are stored safely in fresh, running oxygen rich sea water.
  • The crabs are distributed in several such tanks to give them comfortable stress free space.

Sorting and Packing

  • The live crabs are again quality-checked.
  • Each crab is wrapped in wet tissue, before they are carefully stacked in crates.


  • The crabs are air-freighted from Finnmark or Helsinki  directly to the customer.

Delivery and Storage

  • Safely arrived customer's destination, the crabs must be placed in oxygenated chilled seawater tanks.
  • Here the crabs stay for 1-2 days, before they are ready for the end customer.

Boiling and Cooking

  • Finally, the crabs are ready to be cooked and served.
  • Once cooked, the crab can be safely refrigerated for up to 5 days.


On this map you can see how the population area of the king crab has expanded. 

The Barents Sea, the most prevalent expansion of king crab in the Arctic Ocean, sits north of the Scandinavian peninsula. The king crab's expansion area can be seen marked off.

Additionally, singular observations of king crabs along the coast of Norway have been marked off with stars.

King crab expansion (
King crab expansion (